Business may be hard, but it doesn't have to be...

Does this sound like you?

You’re super passionate about your business and you are ready to get this show on the road but something’s stopping you.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the thought of failure.

You know that you can do the work (and do it well) but you lack the confidence in being seen. You want, no NEED, to get in front of people who would gladly pay you for your services.

You know you just need some guidance and a strategy from an experience mentor that gets you. Someone who understands what it feels like to be drowning in to-do lists and feel like you’re winging it everyday. A mentor who used to be where you are now – someone who made it through to the other side. 

Don't worry, I'm here to help!

I’m a self-proclaimed perfectionist who loves Starbucks & helping women transform into the awesome BOSS that they really are. I’ve been through the ringer and all the pitfalls you could imagine but I’ve conquered every obstacle. Because of this, I know exactly what you’re going through and I want to be there when you build your business.

Just Imagine...

  • The day your biz is so profitable that you don’t have to work that loathing job just because you need the benefits…
  • Spending your days and evening as you see fit, doing what you want with your time, vacationing as you please…
  • Or even the day you’re no longer fearful of where your next client is coming from


It’s totally possible, so lets get started and choose which package you want below:

Let's make greatness together!

The Clarity Mastermind Package: A 3-Hour Intensive Session

Are you feeling…


Sick & tired of going back and forth in your mind? Need a mindset shift to cast out fear and doubt so that you can live victoriously, profitably, and joyfully? Want training on certain programs or systems so that you can launch your business, social profile, or brand?

During our 3-hour intensive we focus on one of the following:

  • Social Media Audit: Evaluating your current social media platforms for brand consistency
  • Niche selection and perfecting your audience
  • How to set up an email list, web forms, and an email sequence using Mailerlite
  • How to re-brand your business, brand & website
  • Setting up Pinterest for Business.
  • Creating a lead magnet to grow your email list
  • Instagram Audit
  • How to create social media graphics & templates using Canva
  • How to go from fearful to a fearless BOSS
  • Mindset shift to get paid what you want
  • Wild card: Come prepared with a topic of your choice!

You Get:

  • A 3-Hour intensive session
  • Email access for 7 days
  • Bonus! Decide that you want to move forward with Boss Up 1:1 coaching with 48 hours of our session and your intensive payment will be applied towards your first coaching payment.

Your Investment: $599

Boss Up 1:1 Package: Long-Term Success Coaching

This is for you if…

You are an entrepreneur struggling with making a profit from your passion. Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, but you still can’t find your spot in your niche or figure out exactly who you should be targeting.

I’m here to help you with your struggles regarding your mindset, business and business income. Whether you’re launching your online business, raising your prices, finding clients or wanting to gain clients from social media marketing; I’m your gal! 

We work together to bring to life your goals you’re wanting to accomplish. How do we do it?
We focus on your brand + biz to build an authentic and engaging audience along with content that your audience will go bonkers for. We will focus on helping you become consistent so your brand will stay visible and memorable.

Need to say “see ya!” to those mental strongholds, get rid of doubt and uncertainty, and get the confidence boost you need to rock out your business?

With my expertise and your vision/goals, we’ll create a strategic outline that gets you to your goal faster and efficiently. 


During our time together we can cover many topics depending on your needs:

  • Mindset
    • Discover your true passion so that you can begin living the lifestyle you desire
    • Begin believing in yourself and your business
    • Know your worth and get paid what you want
    • Undo fear and unleash confidence
    • Find out what need you want to fulfill in your niche
    • Keep you accountable by helping you stay organized
  • Social Media + Website Design
    • Have consistent and authentic growth on social media
    • Create a posting schedule that works for you
    • Get your business a website & logo, if needed, that represents your brand
    • Review & edit your entire website to make sure that it reflects your brand
  • Content Creation
    • Create a content creation schedule that works for you
    • Determine what type of content best fits your audience needs so you can be an expert in your niche
    • Learn how to provide valuable content that your audience will go crazy over
    • Build content that gets you out of your comfort zone on Instagram, Pinterest & your blog so you stand out
    • Lead magnet & content creation using Canva

  • Brand Building
    • Branding 101- We’ll review your entire brand so it’s cohesive on all platforms.
    • Create a brand strategy that is inline with your business vision
    • Refine and define your brand identity so you stand true to your business values and mission
    • Help you establish a community so they can sign-up on your list.
    • How to find your ideal customer and niche so you can start attracting the right audience.
  • Online Marketing, Sales, and Automation
    • Target market research to know the ins and outs of your audience
    • The power of free marketing
    • Positioning your expertise so your sales will increase
    • Set up Mailerlite for your email newsletter and email sales funnel
    • Create awesome lead magnets that sales will follow
    • Charge your worth-never undervalue your products or services
    • Automation discovery with your blog, social media, and email list
  • Other Business Goals You May Have

You get:

  • One 90-min Mastermind (Onboarding session)
  • (1) 60 min session held every week
  • Invitation to Asana for constant collaboration & session homework (this is an action-packed program)
  • Unlimited email access so you consistently have my support

Your Investment: 849/month*

*must sign on for at least 3 months (12 weeks) of coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you onboard clients & what is your process like?

For Clarity Mastermind Package: To get started, you will e-sign our agreement, pay for your session and then book your session. During our session we’ll cover everything you’d like. At the end of the call, you’ll be offered to take advantage of the Boss Up bonus.

For Boss Up 1:1 Package: To get started, click to book your free 15-30 min consultation call. In our call, I will get a clear understanding of where you are in your business, what you need assistance with, and the goals you want to achieve. Once you agree to become a client during our call, I will process your payment online on the phone. I will then send you a contract immediately. You must sign the agreement the same day our call was held. *NO EXCEPTIONS*. Once we schedule our Onboarding Call, I will send over a client in-take form which needs to be filled out & returned 48 hours before our call.

What happens after you become my coach?

We’ll conduct your Onboarding session where I’ll review your current situation and develop a detailed strategy on how we can achieve your goals. I’ll create a long-term (3+ month) strategy for us to achieve together. As we achieve these goals, you’ll receive monthly progress reports as well as weekly email/phone support. At the conclusion of our 4-week session, I’ll provide an overview report of what we’ve accomplished and an outline of your future goals should you decide to not renew for another session.

Have more questions?

Email me by clicking here.