So you have an account on Instagram and a product or service to sell. So what do you do? You seek to reach out to your potential customer and offer your services. Instagram Marketing is valuable and you can definitely reap success on this visual platform.

But more times than not, I see it over and over again where entrepreneurs are making the same mistakes repeatedly and, as a recipient, it does not reflect well on you.

If you want to learn what common three mistakes to avoid while conducting Instagram marketing then keep on reading!


Alicia Bright- Branding + Biz Coach

1. You leave a sales-y comment on an irrelevant post

Everyone loves a new follower, like or even a comment. But sometimes the quality of your comment says a lot about you. If you leave an irrelevant comment on a post, it shows that 1) you didn’t pay attention to the picture and 2) you don’t show enough care to find out more about what that Instagrammer does. If you leave a comment promoting your cat product to a dog lover it definitely warrants a big head shakin’. This is not a great strategy to implement in your Instagram marketing strategy.

2. You DM everyone who likes your picture with a sales pitch

“Hi alicia, I would love for you. To visit [website], if you.go.trhu me I can get you a discount…”

You just read an exact message I received after liking a photo on this IG-er’s profile. Spelling is incorrect, misuse of punctuation and my name wasn’t even capitalized! lol That plus many other mistakes guaranteed that I would not reply to this user. Add to that, she attached a blurry picture of a picture to promote her product. No thanks! I CANNOT tell you the number of messages I receive with sales pitch about the next best thing or an entrepreneurs new product or service. My message request folder is constantly bombarded with these pitches. I often reply to these IG-er’s that I’m simply showing support and am not interested in what they have to offer. These straight-forward pitches are not well received by many because they lack common and proper social skills. If you really want to sell me on something make sure it’s something I’m interested in. Start a conversation, learn about your customer. I could go on and on about this specific point but I’ll move on…

3. Every picture you post is a promotional post

We all know that one person who is constantly flooding their timeline with promotional pictures about their “awesome” product. You scroll through their timeline and post after post is the same picture and caption over and over. How boring is that? These profiles are quickly overlooked and often blocked. Honestly, who would follow someone who is constantly selling in every post? When I scroll through my timeline, I want to see a variety of pictures. Often these profiles are blocked because they are monotonous and annoying. Don’t be that user.



4. You overpost  (-_-)

I added this bonus for me lol. But I need you guys not to make this mistake! It is SOOOO bothersome to see the same user post ten times in my feed before I even see another user in my feed. It’s crazy! I love to show love to my peeps but I’ll unfollow a user that posts every second of the day, especially when the posts have nothing valuable to offer. Make sure your posts have value and they are not bombarding your followers.

And there you have it! If you’ve been making these mistakes, don’t worry! There is still time for redemption. 🙂



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