Are you using Google Analytics to help out your online business? If not you should be and here is why…


  • Analytical data can help you plan your content
  • Gives you an idea of where to improve your site
  • Help you create a marketing strategy for your business
Sounds great right? To be able to have all this information about the online health of your website at your fingertips.
Can you image how powerful you would be??
You would no longer have to guess if people are connecting with your stuff, clicking around your website, or if your traffic really is growing.  Google Analytics holds the keys to these golden nuggets of information. When you know how to get the information and how to interpret it you can then use it to strengthen your online presence. Which in turn helps you grow your business.
So let’s look at the 7 ways Google Analytics can help your online business.

It gives you a real indication of how your website is functioning. Looking over your analytics dashboard can give you insight into how your website is running from a visitor’s perspective. Are you getting slow loading times, are your visitors leaving (bounce rate) without interacting with your site? These are a couple of the many indicators that you can dig into on your site’s health. And then use to plan out improvements to they layout, organization, and flow of your site.


It can indicate poor design or an unclear experience. Taking a look at your Bounce Rate and Landing Pages data will tell you if your visitors are clicking around your site. If they are actually going to the places you want them to. So if you find that your bounce rate is high and people are leaving your homepage without ever clicking around this is an indication that your navigation is unclear or you aren’t leading your visitors to the next step. Look at your website like a road trip and your navigation (no pun intended) is the map that gets them from where they start to where you want them to end up. You need to make sure you are clearly leading them through your site and making sure the information that they want to know is easily accessible. Two ways to do this would be utilizing your main navigation bar or your footer to like to your key information.

Helps you evaluate your marketing strategy. More than likely you are trying to drive traffic to your website through one or more social media profiles but do you know how well they are performing? Are you actually driving traffic from those sources? Or are your biggest referral sites from somewhere else entirely? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you improve the efficiency of your strategy. It will help you know when there an adjustment made to your plan. And it will help you know where to spend your time to get the most momentum out of your social media posts. For example, if your ideal clients aren’t on Instagram but that is where you are spending all your marketing time for your website then you probably aren’t going to see any results. Know your analytics will give you the information you need to either adjust your strategy on that platform or switch to something different where your ideal clients are hanging out.

Find blog post ideas. We all struggle with constantly coming up with new blog post ideas for our business. It’s one of the biggest struggles my clients face as well as, is knowing what to write. They feel like they can’t keep up with the number of ideas they need to generate for their blog. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. It can tell you exactly which posts are the most popular on your website. This way you can create more content surrounding that popular topic without having to come up with a completely new and different idea. When you find out what is popular ask yourself these questions.

  1. What do my ideal clients need to know before this post?
  2. What do they need after this post?
  3. What topics can I tie into this one?

These questions will start getting your juices flowing for additional content around that one topic. A bonus side effect of this blogging strategy is that the more you talk about the same topic the stronger of an expert you become in the minds of your followers. That way when someone needs help they know exactly who the expert is to go to.

Get clear on what is and isn’t working with your content. Just like Google Analytics can indicate what is working really well it can indicate what isn’t working. This doesn’t mean you need to ditch an entire topic off of your site this just means that post may need tweaking. Review the graphic and the content to make sure it is in alignment with where you are in business now. Sometimes going back in and adding more content and detail is all that a post needs to get that extra oomph and start attracting visitors.

Figure out if you are attracting the right people. It isn’t enough to be attracting people to your site for an online business to be successful. You need to attract the RIGHT people to your site in order to convert them from visitors to clients. Your analytics data will dive into all kinds of demographics for your visitors. You can review age, location, gender, and interests. Compare your data in Google Analytics with the work you’ve done on your ideal clients. Do they match? Are you getting the right kind of people coming to your site? Or do you need to make an adjustment to your content and message?

Are you getting in front of new users and how many returning users (or fans) you have? Use your Google Analytics to monitor how many new users are coming to your site and how many are returning. You’ll want to make sure that you have people who keep coming back but also a steady stream of new users learning about you and your services. Your Google Analytics dashboard can give you insight into these numbers as well as tell you where the people are coming from and how they are getting to your site in the first place. So you can identify gaps in your marketing strategy.

Google Analytics is an important piece of your online business strategy. It really takes the guess work out of your website. You can use the information about your site to make adjustments without it being a shot in the dark. This way you also don’t inadvertently change something that is working and leave things that aren’t working alone.
Let me know below what you were most excited to hear that Google Analytics could do for your business!
Michaela Hoffman is a brand strategist, web developer, and visibility mentor who is passionate about helping boss ladies position themselves as the expert in their niche, create authentic connections with their audiences, and increase their visibility online so that they can build the business of their dreams that allows them to design their ideal schedule.

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