I Specialize in Getting More Leads & Sales For Your Biz With FB Ads

If you’re here, its probably because: 

  • Maybe your biz/sales has plateaued…
  • Or maybe the tactics you used months ago are no longer working…
  • Or maybe you already know what to do, you just don’t have the time to make it happen

Either way, I know the answer to your problems and I’m here to grow your business. It’s actually very straight forward.

As your Facebook Marketing Expert I will: 

Leverage Ads across Facebook, the internet, and phone apps to target your audience and customers and get you more leads & sales. Stop wasting dollars in ad spend without getting results and get a Facebook marketing expert to make it happen.

Whether you realize it or not, something isn’t resonating with your customers/clients so that they convert. The incredible value you provide to your audience isn’t being communicated.

This is a very common problem with entrepreneurs.

Either they aren’t resonating with your copy, or they aren’t being nurtured through an automated marketing funnel.

The kind of businesses I work with:

  • Health Care Providers such as Chiropracters, Dentists, Podiatrists, Pain Management, etc
  • Service-Based Providers such as P.I Lawyers, Divorce Attorney’s, etc
  • Home Repair Services such as Electricians, Plumbing, HVAC repair, etc
  • Home Loan Officers, Auto/Home Ins Agents
  • Gyms/Trainers, Spas/Massage Therapists, Salons/Stylists, etc

“If you’re looking for a surefire way to generate customers/clients on demand and blow up your business, then you’re definitely in the right place.”

If You Meet The Following Criteria I'd Love To Chat To See If We're A Good Fit

As you might imagine, I invest a lot of time and effort into each client to get them the results they desire. I need to be hyper selective about which clients I take on board, because my reputation is on the line.

That’s why I’ve put together a short list of criteria to see if we might be a good fit

#1. You're Not Price Shopping

Price is a consideration, but should NOT be your biggest factor for hiring me. If you’re business is barely getting by, we simply are not a good fit.

#2. You Already Have Proven Results

While this isn’t required, the more results you’ve achieved for your own business, the better I can help you sell your products & services to your ideal customer. This will help us to produce better results.

#3. You Have Cash For Paid Traffic

You shouldn’t “go broke” hiring me. The goal is to revamp or change what you’re currently doing, then eventually get your marketing converting at high ROI.

#4. You know SOMETHING about marketing

While I don’t expect you to be a Facebook wizard, I do expect you to know the gist of marketing.

If you can’t pay money to acquire a new customer/client – you don’t have a business.

Short-Term Solution

For campaigns needed for one month
  • Up to two (2) Campaign Objectives
  • Ad copy, images/graphics, and ad set up included
  • Installation and set up of Facebook Pixel
  • Continuous monitoring, optimization, and tweaking (as needed) campaign
  • Weekly updates on campaign
  • Initial ad testing for 72 hours to analyze target audience ad responsiveness
  • Ad Spend not included in above pricing
  • Must have at least $600 in ad spend ($30/day for 20 biz days)
  • Must have a proven funnel
  • Cannot run same campaign for more than 60 days

Done For You Funnel

Your solution for a sales/non-sales funnel
  • Non-sales funnel: Creation & set up of one (1) landing page (includes copy, optin page and success/thank you page), OR
  • Sales Funnel: Set up of one (1) sales funnel (includes copy and up to 4 pages including optin, tripwire, sales page, and thank you page.) Tech integrations include email, payment gateway & urgency timers. (Value: $15895)
  • Set up of email automation sequence (copy included) (Value: $2997)
  • Testing of complete funnel
  • One (1) hour planning meeting per funnel (Value: $567)
  • Up to one (1) hour training/overview phone call (Value: $897)
  • Total Value: $20356