Facebook Specialist: Get FB Training For You & Your Team

Need training on Facebook Ads for your business? Get your own personal FB Trainer.

I will train you or your team to understand and operate Facebook Ads.

When you want to market on Facebook but don’t have the knowledge to get it done correctly, hire me! Hourly rate for training is $175.

      This is for you if…

      • You’re tired of fumbling through the Ads Manager not knowing what you are doing
      • You have wasted money on Facebook Ads because you don’t know what to do
      • You want your team to be versed in FB Ads
      • You don’t have the budget for a marketer on retainer and want to pay a one-time fee

        Topics We Can Cover:

        • Overview of Facebook Ads Manager
        • Audience Insights
        • Ad Set Up & Launch
        • Facebook Pixel
        • Custom Conversions
        • Custom Audiences
        • Plus More!

        The kind of businesses & entrepreneurs I work with:

        • Product businesses that sell informational or physical products
        • Service based businesses like financial advisors, digital agencies, lawyers, etc
        • Consultants or coaches providing coaching, information, group coaching  etc.

          Thousands of people waste hundreds of dollars on FB Ads daily – Learn what you need to know about FB Ads to run successful ad campaigns.

          Frequently Asked Questions
          When are you available for booking?

          I am currently available for training sessions.

          What happens after I fill out the survey?

          Your submission will be reviewed to see if you qualify for a training session(s). To see if you qualify, click here to complete a brief survey. If you do qualify then we will set a date to talk in depth about your submission. During our call we will speak about the method of delivery for this training. Once you agree to be a training client, during our call, I will collect your debit/credit card info to secure your spot. Once the payment is successful, we will get this party started!

          What is the method of delivery for training session(s)?

          Trainings can be delivered via:

          • Live video (Skype, Zoom, etc)
          • Pre-Recorded tutorial (How to…)
          • Screensharing 
          • In Person
          How do in-person training session(s) work?

          For sessions outside of San Antonio, there will be a travelling fee.

          If flying is required, transportation and board will be secured by client and is not a part of the regular training fee.

            How many sessions will training take?

            The amount sessions that are required depends on:

            • The size of the training group
            • The amount of information that will be taught
            • The amount of time alloted per session (dependent on client)
              How does payment work?

              Once you’ve made the decision to move forward, you will be charge on the call to secure your spot.

              A 50% deposit will be required on the call and the remaining balance will be required on the day of training, before the training.

              Are refunds available?

              Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not available.

              What if I have more questions?

              Sorry I didn’t answer your question. Feel free to email me by clicking here.