When I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a doctor; more specifically, a surgeon. Being an entrepreneur was not something that crossed my mind.

I could never say what drew me to medicine and health but I was fascinated by the miracle of it all.

I even have an old paper I wrote when I was nine in the third grade with my medical aspiration. It was an assignment that inquired about our future and career aspirations. I wanted to be a surgeon and own a few hospitals and clinics. I’m amazed at my nine year old self for even having dreams that big!

If someone would have told me at nine years old that I would not become a doctor, I would have cried. Then if that same someone told me I would be an entrepreneur instead, I would have laughed. Like NO ONE could tell me otherwise about my future, doctor surgeon Alicia to the rescue!

Alicia Bright- Branding + Biz Coach

The first time I learned about entrepreneurship was in the seventh grade. I had never heard the word before and it was such a cool word that I sought out to remember its’ spelling, lol. I learned about Madam C.J. Walker and her business and was intrigued. But I wasn’t as intrigued for it to change my mind.

But little did I know that God had something different in store for my life.

So I went through high school focused on health and took all the science and medical courses I could take. I also participated in after school medical groups and interned at the hospital. By junior year, I picked my university and set out my life course on how I’d become a surgeon.

Fast forward two years and I’m thousands of miles away from home. I quickly realize that I’m on my own AND broke! I wasn’t awarded enough financial aid and couldn’t even get my books. (-_-)

My husband (then boyfriend) and I decided to start our own graphic design business. We figured, we had the skills-why not try and capitalize on them? Except we knew nothing about marketing online or even owning a business.

Throughout my first year of college, we went through about three to four different business ideas and attempts. And although we never made a single sale, we learned a ton about business that year. Becoming an entrepreneur was blown to the wayside and I quickly forgot about it. My mind was back onto getting a degree and pursuing my career.

I quickly learned that if I was going to get through college, I would need an income stream that I didn’t need to work a traditional job for. But getting to that destination took longer than I expected.

I simultaneously went to school, did my business online and worked a job. But I still hadn’t grasped the power of the internet. It wasn’t until four year passed that I realized that I could operate my business solely online and make income. You see, I was so convinced that I needed a brick and mortar office in order to make sales. I even went to look for office spaces to get a gauge of how much money I would need to invest for an office space. Thankfully I never moved forward but the problem I would have encountered would be branding and marketing.

At that point I didn’t know much about marketing and hadn’t even given a thought about branding. ¬†A few months later, I learned a few things and Project 1000 was founded. This was our first REAL business and it began from the comfort of our home. Operating our web design and marketing business was a dream come true.

Fast forward and after our first year in business we were ranked top ten in our industry in our city. It was an honor to be ranked among companies who’ve been in our industry for over ten years.

Three years later and I’m still living the dream and cannot think of a better career path for me than being an entrepreneur. Are you an entrepreneur or looking to make the plunge? What’s stopping you? Comment below and let’s chat.


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